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Jun 17,/2018

Dermlin wound healing dressings are listed in the National 863 Key Program, at the same time, it was listed as a demonstration project of China’s biomedical high-tech industrialization project by the National Development and Reform Commission. The company has a world-class production environment and equipment, and the production workshop is constructed in strict accordance with GMP standards. Production equipment is imported from the United States, Britain, Italy and other countries according to international standards. The company passed the inspection of medical device production quality management standards of national and provincial food and drug administrations. Among them, Dermlin wound healing dressing passed the EU CE certification, Ulceloocin oral ulcer patch passed the EU CE certification and the US FDA certification.

Under the support of the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Nanjing Military Region, the company was approved by the National Economic Action Office. In August 2007, the company established the first national-level mobilization center in Jiangsu Province, the Skin Wound First Aid Mobilization Center.


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