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Be Scald Hind, Must-see Method That Handles Quickly!

Oct 31,/2019

When cooking, sometimes oil inside accidentally into the water, will be splashed out of oil scald, believe that women in the early stage of cooking and I will have the same experience, was very painful after oil scald, generally I will use their own method to deal with, to prevent the scar hot.


Treatment methods after injury include:


1. Immediately get rid of the heat source and wash the wound with running water for half an hour to reduce the temperature of the affected area and prevent further damage;


2. If there are blisters in the scald, do not remove the blister skin to avoid infection;


3. Mild scald can be applied in the affected area scald cream, serious scald should be timely diagnosis and treatment to the hospital.For specific medication, please combine it with clinical practice and follow the doctor’s guidance.empyrosis

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